OpenTech Publications & Presentations


Slides Diversity approaches investigated for the SIL2LinuxMP architecture(@SCSSS) Nicholas Mc Guire
Slides Software LOPA -- An Approach to Performing a Layers of Protection Analysis for Complex Software(@SCSSS) Andreas Platschek
Video Analyzing the Software Development Life-Cycle using Data-Mining Techniques(@FOSDEM) Andreas Platschek
Video Kernel DLC Metrics, Statistic Analysis and Bug-Patterns(@FOSDEM) Nicholas Mc Guire


Video GNU/Linux for Safety Related Systems(@FOSDEM) Nicholas Mc Guire
GNU/Linux for Safety Critical Systems(@Embedded World Conference) Nicholas Mc Guire
Slides SIL2LinuxMP Linux Qualification - Process Overview(@FuSaCom) Nicholas Mc Guire
Current status of SIL2Linux MP project and implications Nicholas Mc Guire
Slides DB4SIL2 - Kernel assurance data for SIL2LinuxMP Andreas Platschek
Slides Discussion of Statistical Methods for SIL2LinuxMP(@ALS) Nicholas Mc Guire


Slides Linux Qualification - Coding Style / Type issues in IEC 61508 Nicholas Mc Guire
Paper A Harmonized threat/hazard modeling for Safety Critical Industrial Systems Andreas Platschek
Slides seq: Buffer swapping sequence locks Nicholas Mc Guire, Peter Okech
Paper Inherent Diversity in Replicated Architectures Peter Okech, Nicholas Mc Guire, William Okelo-Odongo
Paper Analysis of Execution Path Variability in Kernel Space Peter Okech, Nicholas Mc Guire, William Okelo-Odongo


Paper Replica_RT: a statistical approach to low jitter RT Nicholas Mc Guire


Paper pMTX - first experiments with a probabilistic mutex Nicholas Mc Guire
Paper Investigating Execution Path Non-determinism in the Linux Kernel Peter Okech, Nicholas Mc Guire, Chrisotf Fetzer, William Okelo-Odongo


Paper Design and Implementation of an Safety-Critical Application Targeting Modular Certification Andreas Platschek and Nicholas Mc Guire
Paper Principles and Implementation of ESRNGs - Embarrassingly Nicholas Mc Guire
Simple Random Number Generators for GNU/Linux


Paper Probabilistic Write Copy Select locks Nicholas Mc Guire
Paper Migrating a OSEK runtime environment to the OVERSEE platform Andreas Platschek and Georg Schiesser
Paper Safety logic on top of complex hardware software systems utilizing dynamic data types Nicholas Mc Guire


Paper FLOSS for safety: Mastering mission critical development with GIT Andreas Platschek, Nicholas Mc Guire
Paper OVERSEE - a generic FLOSS communication and application platform for vehicles. Nicholas Mc Guire, Andreas Platschek, Georg Schiesser


Paper xmtrace - the XtratuM tracer Thomas Hisch, Georg Schiesser, Andreas Platschek


Paper UDP for Real-Time Linux Andreas Platschek


Paper GNU/Linux Based TDOA Localization Using COTS Hardware Georg Schiesser
Paper RTLinux Ethernet Device Drivers Florian Bruckner