Nicholas Mc Guire
Nicholas After working on Magnetic bearing control systems at the Technical University of Vienna, in 1995 Nicholas moved towards the other end of the spectrum towards clusters at the Inst. for Computational Material Science at the University of Vienna. With the focus shifting to real-time and distributed embedded systems, initially maintaining RTLinux/GPL (2001-2005), safety related systems were an almost natural next step in 2003. Nicholas main topic is system safety since he founded OpenTech, with a special focus on the utilization of FLOSS/COTS components in safety-related systems and thus integration of high-complexity pre-existing (SOUP) components while retaining system level safety properties.
Andi Platschek
Andi Starting from 2004, Andreas Platschek worked at OpenTech on a number of projects in embedded and real-time systems, in a variety of industry domains with a focus on the rail and automotive domains. These were also the first domains were Andreas gained first experience on safety critical system.
From 2011 - 2012, Andreas worked as a researcher at the Vienna Institute for Systems and Safety Engineering (VISSE) mainly on the topic of safe voice over IP (VoIP) communication. From 2013 - 2015 Andreas worked at the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. During that time, Andreas focused on safety in industrial automation system and safe industrial communication protocols.
In fall 2015, Andreas returned to OpenTech and is currently involved in the SIL2LinuxMP and JailhouseSafe projects.
Lucas Boehm
Lucas Lucas Böhm works almost exclusively on the SIL2LinuxMP and JailhouseSafe project. His main focus is at hardware prototyping and safety management.
Before he came to Opentech, Lucas worked for Vienna Water Monitoring (VWM), a small company which developed an automated microbiological monitoring device of measuring the microbiological contamination level of water for different target organisms. At VWM Lucas worked as hardware engineer and quality manager.
Markus Kreidl
Markus Markus Kreidl (M.Sc.) mainly works on the Jailhouse analysis and documentation at the moment for which he develops tools to gain maximum information from/about the source code and the build process.
Before he came back to Opentech Markus worked for Linutronix, a small company specialized in rt-preempt Linux and firmware for industrial applications. There he gained knowledge in the boot (bootloader, robust booting, updates) process, distributed testing and Linux device driver implementation.
During his time with Liebherr Aerospace and Transportation Markus was responsible for Linux OS, architectural Software Design and packaging. Before that, he worked for Thales Transportation Group for 5 years, where he developed safety related soft and hardware for train applications.
Markus main research interests are located in safety related low-level software and FPGA development and more and more compilers ...